Myth vs Fact


Myth: The state will cut the amount of funds given to NUSD if the district continues to raise parcel tax funds.

Fact:  There is no connection between money collected locally (parcel tax) and the amount the state is required to provide to NUSD - the District will not be "penalized" for receiving funds locally. NUSD is the lowest funded district in Marin County and has the lowest parcel tax. Other Marin school districts with higher per student funding have substantially higher parcel taxes.

Myth: NUSD doesn't need a parcel tax because we recently passed Measure G.
Fact:  Measure G was a bond that raises money that is specifically earmarked for building and maintaining facilities.  Measure A is a parcel tax that will be specifically earmarked for academic programs.

Myth: NUSD teachers do not support the parcel tax.

Fact:  Novato teachers recognize the importance of the parcel tax and how the $6 million annually will allow the District to attract and maintain high-quality teachers and preserve essential academic programs. In fact, Novato Federation of Teachers has ratified a tentative contract with NUSD and teachers have been phone banking and showing signs of support through sign rallies and flyers.

Myth: NUSD doesn't need another parcel tax because the current parcel tax doesn't expire until 2023.
Fact: NUSD has had a parcel tax continuously since 1992. Measure A will replace the current parcel tax. It will not be in addition to the current parcel tax. It will provide a reliable source of locally controlled funds until 2028. It is important to pass Measure A now in order to raise an additional $125 per parcel to help Novato schools attract and retain teachers, limit budget cuts and layoffs for the 2020-2021 school year, and add services for Novato students.

Myth: NUSD is only asking taxpayers to help fund our schools - they are not doing enough at the state level.

Fact: While there are several state measures, targeted at increasing money for our schools, they are not guaranteed. NUSD has supported funding initiatives at the state level and will continue to do so. In fact, in January 2018, the NUSD Board of Trustees passed a resolution in support of the Full and Fair Funding Act through the California School Board Association (CSBA), which is not expected to be on the ballot to voters until 2022. However, while future increases in funding are truly needed, they do not replace nor provide for the same things Measure A guarantees: funds to retain teachers; keep library clerks, counselors, athletic directors and music/performing art teachers; and provide academic programs to enhance our children's success.

Myth: Measure A will make Novato a less attractive place for young families to move because it increases the cost of living.
Fact:  Although Measure A will increase property taxes a small amount, property values are likely to increase by significantly more than the tax amount.  Studies consistently show strong schools, and a history of local support, improve property values.  Young families often look to school quality as one of their primary considerations in choosing a new community.  That is why the Marin Association of Realtors has officially endorsed Measure A.

Myth: Measure A will mean senior citizens can no longer afford to stay in their homes
Fact:  Senior citizens 65 and older are eligible for an exemption from Measure A.


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